Mason Lococo
Mason Lococo




Clean: 305

Snatch: 215


B.S Kinesiology - University of Massachusetts

CrossFit Level 2

Head Coach

Mason Lococo

I’m Mason Lococo. I’ve been interested in any kind of physical activity since I can remember. My first love was basketball and team sports but over time I found myself more and more interested in my own personal fitness. Learning and constantly evolving with different concepts of strength and conditioning has always been a passion of mine. I want to share and teach that knowledge to anyone looking to improve their lives, the way it has for me.

A little background information on myself. I joined the United States Army after high school in 2010. I served for 6 years on active duty with numerous deployments overseas. During those years I learned a lot about what the human body is capable of. Towards the end of my service, I even provided and instructed physical training to other soldiers.

I found CrossFit or functional training in 2014. I was immediately hooked because of the transformation it had on my fitness. It introduced a challenging and competitive aspect of fitness that’s hard to find at the gym. I currently hold my Level 2 cert for CrossFit.

After the Military I enrolled in school to further my education and knowledge of physical training and the human body. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology the study of the human body and its movement.

My pursuit of understanding how the human body works and ways to improve physically will always continue. So much advancement is happening and I believe the best trainer/coach should always be prepared to give their client the greatest product.