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Hey everyone I’m Kyle Decker  and I’m here for your fitness goals. I’m not here to turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I am here to make sure you can utilize your body for the things you need for years to come.

Starting off with team sports in high school I learned my body needs to be in motion to stay in motion, later on in my fitness career I became involved in more individual sports such as martial arts and trail running. After suffering significant injuries during those activities due to overtraining and my own ego I realized I needed more structure and guidance to stay on track. My background of martial arts gave me an understanding of the way the body moves and

I want nothing more than to help anyone and everyone to be the most active and healthy person they can be! Please feel free to reach out to me here, or any social media about availability. I hope to hear from you soon

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Who I Like to coach

personal training 

* All sessions are one to one

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