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Driving directions

Evolve has two access roads, Cottage Street and Union Street. 


From Cottage Street: when you see the Cottage Street Apartment complex you need to enter the parking lot.  The road is a little long and windy.  As you drive down the little hill you will see a bridge.  You will cross that bridge and immediately to your left you will see a handicap accessible ramp and that is our entrance. 


From Union Street: when you see the 7-Eleven gas station you will want to turn down that road which is Liberty Street.  Once you are on Liberty Street you will see an immediately fork in the road, bear to the right (the road will go down a small hill) and you will see a green house on the right, turn into that parking lot.  You will see a large building in front of you with a loading dock.  Just right of the loading dock is a handicapped accessible ramp which leads to our front door.



There is ample parking, but you need to find a spot.  The parking spot in front of the ramp is reserved for handicapped parking.  You can park on the Liberty Street side near the greenhouse or you may park on the other side of the bridge (Cottage Street side).   

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