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Membership Options


Gives you unlimited access to CrossFit, Olympic/Barbell, and MOVE classes.


**As an added bonus you get AnyTime access


Allows you to attend 3 classes per week.  You can attend any of the classes that we offer: CrossFit , Olympic/Barbell lifting and MOVE classes per week,


**As an added bonus you get AnyTime access.


Allows you to attend 2 CrossFit or MOVE classes per week.

**Does not include AnyTime access or Barbell classes


Allows you to attend 10 CrossFit, barbell or move classes.

**Does not include AnyTime

**The card must be used in a three month period.

We set you up for success.  All you have to do is show up.

We offer CrossFit programming that incorporate elements from various fitness modalities such as strength and conditioning, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, rowing, powerlifting and plyometrics. This type of training requires a great deal of specialized equipment and experienced trainers to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each workout. This investment in equipment and trainers allows us to provide our athletes with a unique and personalized fitness experience that is not available at conventional gyms.


We believe that our investment in equipment and trainers is an investment in our athletes' health and well-being, and we are committed to providing them with the highest quality fitness experience possible. We understand that our prices may be higher than those of conventional gyms, but we believe that the benefits of the specialized programs, combined with the specialized coaches more than justify this difference in cost. 

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