Molly P.
Molly P.

OH Squat: 150

Deadlift: 145

Bench: 155

Clean: 125

Snatch: 90


CrossFit Level 1 Certification


Molly P.

During the COVID shutdown, I had just discovered my passion for CrossFit and functional fitness.  I would lead workouts by the water every morning at 9:00 AM for my staff.  Two girls came almost every single day.  Their gains, physically and mentally, were amazing.  This is when I realized I needed to coach others professionally.

My favorite people to coach are newbies as well as the serious athlete. I love working with people beginning their fitness journey and new to CrossFit. I love helping these athletes achieve a more fulfilling and healthy life. On the flip side, I enjoy working with athletes who have been in the game for a while or have great body awareness, which makes coaching fun. With minimal coaching on lifts, I can narrow my scope and focus on the technical aspects.